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Mystery Shopping research can be the source of complex data acquisition, by conducting both passive observations - the mystery shopper observes how other customers are served, and active observation - the mystery shopper plays the role of a customer.


A control visit (an audit) takes place when the auditor (the mystery shopper) plays the role of a potential customer (with  precisely chosen traits), and tries to obtain information about a given product or service.


Specially trained auditors (as clients), visit a given location, and act according to a previously planned scenario. When the visit finishes the auditors immediately fill out the appropriate form. The results are published electronically in the form of a presentation, or on-line on a specially prepared website for our registered clients.


Mystery Shopping Research

We conduct Mystery Shopping research that takes into account the customer perspective. The person who carries out the survey can be a 'real client', or a 'pretend client'.


Audits (examination of the degree of implementation of procedures)

The audits differ from mystery shopping research. They concentrate more on the degree of procedure implementation by the employees, than on the subjective opinions of the 'real customers'.


Retail audit (examination of the sale locations)

The purpose of the examination of the sales location is to determine the shop's potential by monitoring its prices, product displays, promotions. The sales location examination is carried out periodically (a.e. price check, store check, promotion check etc.)